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Meet the newest A-Type Jaws placement feature in Envision One RP Software

What is A-Type Jaws placement?

A-Type Jaws was developed for printing as many dental models as possible, all in one print, and without sacrificing quality.

 A-Type Jaws placement is a feature within Hyper Print, see our previous blog post for more information!

How does it work?

A-Type Jaws placement orients the full platform of models vertically and then tilts each model. 

The support blocks are added automatically and can be easily removed from the platform after printing due to the specially designed grooves.

Why does A-Type Jaws placement tilt the models?

The tilt applied by A-Type Jaws is essential to the process.

Traditionally… when dental models are printed vertically some areas in the design, such as the curvature of the teeth, are not captured in the final printed model. The vertical orientation creates islands or downward-facing surfaces that are not self-supporting. 

Now… the  tilt applied by A-Type Jaws placement ensures that all areas in the design are supported and avoids the creation of overhanging features.

A-Type Jaws placement mode is perfect for printing a large number of dental parts in one print, making it an effective and time-saving solution for dental clinics.

How can I use A-type Jaws?

1. Open your 3D-model(s).

2. Click the Hyper Print icon.

3. Set the print mode to A-type jaws.

4. Click Apply.

Quick and easy!

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