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1. Carefully open the packaging: If there is any apparent damage to the system, please do not connect to the power line.

2. List of Items: 1 Main Dual Motion Bottle Roller Unit; 1 European Power cord; 1 US Adapter Plug; and 1 Sticker.

3. Carefully remove the Dual Motion Bottle Roller from the shipping box.

4. Extract the foam packing from the ends of the unit by gently sliding them off the main unit.

5.  Remove the plastic bag covering the unit.

6. Keep the box and packing material.

7. Situate the Dual Motion Bottle Roller on a secure surface.

Workspace Requirements

Place the Dual Motion Bottle Roller on a safe and stable surface, ensure the required operating voltage and power supply voltage are matched, and the socket is grounded properly.

The unit should be plugged into its own outlet.

Allow enough space around the unit to let the rollers move freely while mixing the bottles.

The set values can be altered at any time.  EnvisionTEC recommends a speed of 35 rpm for the Dual Motion Bottle Roller.

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