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Placing the printed models

The Otoflash is the recommended curing unit for the D4K Pro.

1. Carefully cut any supports from the model(s) using snips. It is recommended to remove supports before post-curing.

2. Place the clean dry model(s) on the tray inside the Otoflash.

3. Close the curing chamber lid.

4. Plug in the power cable to Otoflash.

Setting the timer

(1) Main switch
(2) Protective gas switch, if applicable
(3) Protective gas display, if applicable
(4) Display with keypad
(5) Start button
(6) Lamp control light
(7) Ready indicator
(8) Polymerization chamber

1. Switch the Otoflash on with the main switch.

The green light indicator labelled “Ready” will light up and 4-digit figure will appear on the display. This figure indicates the number of flashes.

2. Set the required number of flashes by pressing the buttons 1000, 100, 10 and 1.

3. Press the Start button to start the program.

→ The timer starts counting down with every flash.

→ When the programmed number of flashes is completed, an acoustic signal sounds three times and the word End appears on the display.

 Afterwards, the timer is set to the initially programmed number of flashes.

If you open the lid during operation, Otoflash is immediately disconnected from the power supply (except the timer), the word Open appears on the display and a long acoustic signal sounds.

After closing the lid again, the program will return to the initially programmed number of flashes.

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