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How to Connect PCA 4000:

To connect PCA 4000:

  1. Place the PCA 4000 on a dry, flat surface, well away from water sources and dust.
  2. Plug the PCA 4000 into a stable outlet.

The PCA 4000 is delivered with a small group of accessories. To install these correctly:

Always handle the PCA 4000 tray with gloved hands to avoid leaving fingerprints.

    1. Remove the protective film from both sides of the post-curing tray before installation.
    2. Remove the black plastic tray supports from the bag they have been sent in.
    3. Install the four tray supports in the highest hole possible among the three holes for the tray supports. This ensures the Post Curing Tray is at the correct distance from all LED light sources.
    4. Once all four tray supports are in place, lower the post-curing tray into the curing chamber.
    5. Connect the power cable to the PCA 4000 and into a power socket: US – 110V / EU – 220V with a grounding socket.

Once power is connected, the PCA 4000 will display a brief start-up screen and will then go to standby mode. In this mode, the PCA 4000 is ready to start the required program.

Programs and Features

Main menu

Once the PCA 4000 is powered on, it automatically switches to the Main menu. While in the Main menu, the curing oven is powered on and ready to start the program selected by the user, but the LED lights are not ignited.

The PCA 4000 system has two post-curing program options – Custom and Standard. The placement of the UV emitters allows for 360° curing of the models without having to rotate the curing platform.

Using a Standard program

The Standard programs are pre-programmed post-curing settings for specific EnvisionTEC materials. Each material listed in the Standard program menu has specific time, temperature, and power settings.

1. Select the STANDARD icon from the Main menu, to access the Standard program menu.

2. Select the desired material from the Standard program menu, ex. E-Orthoshape.

3. Place the clean model(s) on the post-curing tray in the curing chamber and close the lid.
4. When ready to begin the curing cycle, select the Start button at the bottom right of the menu.

Custom programs

The PCA 4000 can store eight personalized programs. Select the CUSTOM icon from the Main menu, Fig. 6, to access the Custom program menu.

The Custom program allows the user to adjust:

  • The UV power from 1% up to 100%.
  • The exposure time from 1 second to 100 hours
  • The temperature from 20° C to 60° C / 68° F to 140° F

Storing a Custom program

To store a new Custom program:
1. Select Custom from the Main menu.
2. From the Custom Program list, choose the number of the program to edit from Prg 1 – Prg 8
3. The custom program screen will open, ex. Program 1.

For each custom program, the Power, Temperature, and Time can be adjusted individually.

1. From the Custom program menu, select Power.

2. Adjust the power from 1 – 100% using the plus and minus symbols.

3. Select the Back button at the center-left of the menu to return to the Custom program menu.

4. Select Temp.

5. Adjust the temperature from 20° to 60°C / 68° to 140° F.

6. Select Back.

7. Select Time.

8. Adjust the time from 1 second to 100 hours.

9. Select Back. Make sure your Power, Temp, and Time are correct.

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