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Warning: The PWA 2000 removes uncured material from the surface of 3D printed models using chemicals such as 99% isopropyl alcohol and PC1. The PWA 2000 is a professional product and must be used by qualified personnel, following safety instructions.

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Warning: The PWA 2000 is powered at the US – 110V / EU – 220V mains voltage. Avoid tampering with the equipment and all of its parts to avoid the risk of electrocution. In case of malfunction of the device contact EnvisionTEC technical support or an authorized distributor.

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Warning: It is recommended that the User carefully read the instructions for the cleaning product used for cleaning the 3D printed models before operating the PWA 2000 in conjunction with this product.

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Warning: Always operate the PWA 2000 in well-ventilated areas. Many cleaning products are flammable and highly volatile. After use place the cleaning products in their appropriate storage containers. Do not use the PWA 2000 near sources of heat or sparking.

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Warning: After use, always empty the cleaning product from the washing compartment. Be careful when emptying the washing compartment.

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