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How to Clean a Printed Model?

Uncured material must be removed from the surface of models before they can be post-cured. There are two recommended cleaning methods:

  1. Using the recommended parts washer, PWA 2000, and 99% IPA
  2. Using two lidded, plastic containers, 99% IPA, and a brush

The PWA 2000 has a removable washing container and three washing programs to speed up the cleaning process. 

Always wear nitrile gloves when handling uncured resin and 99% isopropyl alcohol.

Adding the Cleaning Agent

There are two recommended cleaning agents for the PWA 2000:
1. 99% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) – See the manufacturer for use and safety instructions.
2. PC1 – A non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, ecofriendly alternative to IPA. PC1 must be diluted with water before using it in the PWA 2000. Use a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part PC1.

Do not store the cleaning agent in the PWA 2000 after use. Use the drainage spout to pour the cleaning agent into a separate storage container between uses.

When ready to begin a cleaning cycle, add the cleaning agent:

1. Open the washing compartment lid.

2. Lift the handle in order to raise the interior grate in the washing compartment to the highest position.

3. Pour 99% IPA into the washing compartment just below the grate while it is in the lifted position. This ensures you will not have to reach into the alcohol when retrieving models after washing.

4. Close the washing compartment lid and lock in place.

Close the washing compartment lid and lock in place.

Plug in the power cable to turn on the PWA 2000.

Programs and Features

The PWA 2000 has a microprocessor-controlled touch screen interface and intuitive software that allows you to control every aspect of the washing process of your 3D printed models.

Set program
Once the PWA 2000 is powered on, it automatically switches to the Set Program menu. The three washing options are
accessible from this screen: High, Medium, and Low.

High Program
The High program is a strong washing program designed for sturdy models and materials.

Medium Program
The Medium program is a standard washing program designed for standard models and materials.

Low Program
The Low program is a slow washing program designed for very delicate models and materials.

Setting a Program

1. Once the High, Medium or Low program is selected, the Set Timer menu is displayed.

2. Using the Plus and Minus symbols towards the bottom of the Set Timer menu, adjust the time to the desired setting. Select and adjust each digit individually.

3. Open the washing compartment lid.

4. Lift the handle to raise the interior grate to the highest position.

5. Place the model(s) on the grate and gently lower the handle to submerge the model(s) in the cleaning agent.

6. Close the washing compartment lid and lock in place.

7. When ready, select the Start button. → The PWA 2000 will immediately begin the set washing cycle.

8. Open the washing compartment lid and lift the handle to raise the model(s) out of the cleaning agent.

9. Inspect the model(s) and use a brush to gently clean cavities as needed.

10. Remove the model(s) from the washing compartment.

11. If using PC1 – rinse models thoroughly in water for 30 seconds. A tub of water or a sink can be used for this step. After rinsing, use compressed air to quickly dry the models.

12. If using IPA – use compressed air to remove all IPA from the surface of the model as soon as possible.

Do not expose models to IPA or PC1 for an extended period of time. For more specific post-processing information on the material used, see the Cookbook for each material. Cookbooks are available for download in the E-Team, or by contacting technical support.

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