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Want to clean the material tray faster? We’ve found the way!

With our Debris Removal feature, cleaning the material tray is quick and easy!

How does this feature work?

1. On the Home screen of your printer, tap Settings | Manual Debris Removal to open the tab.

2. Set the required exposure time using the + and icons. The time is material-dependent, but 15 seconds works well for most materials.

3. Tap [Expose].
→ The whole material tray area is exposed.

4. Remove debris from the material tray by simply taking off the thin film of exposed material.

5. Proceed following the step-by-step for filtering material described on the Maintaining EnvisionTEC Materials page, if needed.

Yes, that’s all there is to it!

Protect your material tray - use the Debris removal feature every time you switch materials or clean your material tray!

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