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EnvisionTEC’s collaboration with Netfabb by Autodesk will improve your workflow! Now you can refine 3D models in Netfabb and send them to Envision One RP in one click.

What is the Envision One RP and Netfabb integration?

Both Envision One RP and Netfabb are designed for working with various 3D models.

You will greatly benefit from the integration between these software programs. Once you have checked, fixed, and refined a 3D model in Netfabb, you can send it directly to Envision One RP and start printing in minutes.

How to set up the integrated workflow?

First, launch Netfabb and Envision One RP on your computer prior to setting up the integrated workflow.

1. Steps in Netfabb

1. Click on the My Machines icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

2. In the My Machines window, click Add Machine.

3. Scroll down through the list of printer manufacturers. Once EnvisionTEC is found, click on the +(plus) icon to the left. Select the needed printer model and click Add to My Machines.

4. From the list in the My Machine window, click on the required printer model. Then click Open to load the printer’s workspace.

5. Load a 3D model in Netfabb. Make all the necessary modifications such as orienting a model, generating supports, adding perforation, etc.

6. In the Filling Degree panel on the right, select the required buildstyle in the Buildstyle drop-down menu.

7. Click Open in Envision One RP.

2. Steps in Envision One RP

1. Once the model is transferred to Envision One RP, edit supports for the selected model, reposition a model, or do any other required actions if needed.

2. Click Print in the Job Info widget.

3. Verify the printing parameters and click Send Job to the Printer.

→ The print job starts.

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