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Envision One RP and exoprint integration

For greater convenience and usability!

Would you like to optimize your digital dental workflow? We have good news for you!

EnvisionTEC and exocad worked together to developed an additional tool for dental lab professionals. This collaboration allows customers of both companies to benefit from a streamlined digital workflow from the initial scan through the design phase and finally to 3D printing.

What is Envision One RP and exoprint integration?

  • exocad’s exoprint is a tool for dental technicians that allows to develop their dentures in just a few clicks.
  • EnvisionTEC’s Envision One RP is a software that takes your 3D models and translates them into printable files for the 3D printer.

The fruitful collaboration between EnvisionTEC and exocad resulted in an integrated workflow for the dental lab technicians. From now on your dental models and associated information can be passed directly from exoprint to Envision One RP using an open xml-based interface.

How to simplify your 3D-printing experience?

First of all let’s take a look at the steps that the dental lab technicians normally need to take to get the dental models printed:

  1. Scanning, designing and saving an STL model.
  2. Launching the printer’s software.
  3. Importing the STL file into the printer’s software.
  4. Selecting material and other associated information.
  5. Rotating the model for the optimal printing.
  6. Slicing the model into layers, adding supports, etc.
  7. Uploading the prepared file to the printer.
  8. Letting the printer do the rest of the job.

Envision One RP and exoprint integration simplifies the process dramatically!

The easiest way from CAD to 3D printing

Due to a seamless workflow between exoprint and Envision One RP, transition of your models from CAD to a printer from now on requires minimal effort!

The integrated workflow allows you to pass your models directly from CAD to Envision One RP software. This is basically the smartest way for your 3D printable file transfer.

Here how it works in just a few clicks:

  1. Prepare a project file or load an existing one to exoprint.
  2. Select the material configuration.
  3. Click Envision One RP icon in the Actions menu.
  4. Select models you wish to print.
  5. Click Proceed to Printing. → The models are automatically loaded and positioned in Envision One RP with all the associated parameters.

Now you see that Envision One RP and exoprint integration simplifies this process dramatically! Give it a try and experience firsthand the convenience of the integrated workflow!

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