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Would you like to speed up the 3D model placement on the platform? Take advantage of GIZMO features to move and orient your 3D models faster!

Use GIZMO features for an intuitive hands-on approach for preparing models in Envision One RP Software. They are particularly helpful for moving and orienting a model on the platform.

Working with GIZMO features is extremely convenient in Envision One RP. Just click on the model to begin!

GIZMO move rotate

Positioning and orienting features


Click on the icon and drag the model along the X and Y axes. The changes will be also reflected in the Location section of the Layout widget.

Select Base

Click on the  icon and drag the cursor. Select the model part that will be facing the platform. This function is available in the Orientation widget as well.

Rotating features

Rotating on-axis

There is a spherical structure with three circle rings in the center of the model. Click on the circle ring to rotate the model on the corresponding axis.

Rotate freehand

Click anywhere on the spherical structure area (except for the circle lines) and drag the mouse in any direction to rotate a model.

Other features

Create copies

This function is for creating duplicates of a model.

Click on the icon and drag the mouse towards the free space on the platform. If there is not enough space, the copy of the model will not be created. This feature is also available from the Layout widget.

Cut by plane

This feature might be useful for shrinking the model height.

Click on the  icon and drag the mouse up.

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