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Hyper Print is the quickest and easiest way to prepare your models for printing.

If you are completely new to rapid prototyping or if you seek for time-saving solutions, Hyper Print is the best option.
Hyper Print will literally do all the work for you!

How does it work?

In just a couple of clicks the system automatically prepares your models for printing. The system algorithms place your models onto the platform in the most optimal way. Depending on the model architecture, the system generates the supports for overhanging parts or deletes them if they are not necessary.

It is really super quick: All you need is just choosing the right Hyper Print mode and clicking the button – here we go! Your model is ready for printing!

How can I choose the right mode?

Hyper Print suggests several printing modes. Each mode involves different algorithms that are used to prepare your model for printing. So let’s see each of them in detail.


The system will automatically position your models onto the platform and generate the support elements for each model on the platform.

Basic mode is a generic solution applicable for printing the most parts.

Dental models

This mode is designed for printing the dental models that normally need to be printed without supports. If you select this mode, the system will automatically find the part’s largest flat surface and turn it towards the platform. The previously added support elements, if there are any, will be deleted.

This mode is good for printing fine dental parts when adding supports is not an option.

A-Type jaws

This mode has been created for printing a large number of dental models at a time. The system will place the models vertically to fit as many models on the plaform as possible. Each model will be tilted in order to avoid the overhanging parts. Specially designed support blocks will be added to each model. These support blocks can be easily removed from the platform after printing due to the specially added grooves.

This mode is perfect for printing a large number of dental parts in one go. This a effective and time-saving solution for dental clinics.

How can I use Hyper Print?

It is absolutely quick and easy!

  1. Open your 3D-model(s).
  2. Click the icon.
  3. Select a print mode.
  4. Click Apply.

Unbelievable! The parts are now ready for printing! All you need is just selecting a printer and clicking Send Job to Printer.

Interested? Read more about using Hyper  Print.

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