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Take the quality of your print jobs to the next level with a job counter that allows for constant control over the material tray condition!

It is not a secret that material trays are consumables with a predefined expiration date. Even when a material tray is maintained properly in accordance with the provided instructions and recommendations, it cannot be used forever. How would you know when a material tray should be replaced? Here the Job Counter feature comes in handy!

What is a job counter?

The job counter indicates the total number of print jobs made with the particular material tray.

To find the list of material trays with job counters, navigate to:

  • Settings | Move & Calibration | Material Tray in D4K Control Software
  • Settings | Move & Calibration | Home Calibration | Auto Homing in E1 Control Software

The number on the right to the material tray name is the job counter.

When should the material tray be replaced?

Click on the selected material tray name to see the details regarding the print jobs.

Depending on the Job Counter value, the number will be highlighted in color depending on the condition of the material tray: 

  • Green (less than 100 prints) – feel free to use this material tray;
  • Yellow (between 100 and 200 prints) – use this material tray but consider replacing it later after 150 prints;
  • Red (more than 200 prints) – replace the material tray at the nearest convenience to ensure the high quality of print jobs.

Deleting the material tray from the list

Once the material tray is no longer needed, follow the steps below to delete it:

  1. Click on the material tray name.
  2. Tap Delete to remove the material tray from the list.

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