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Discover the latest feature from EnvisionTEC to help our clients print models even faster than before!

If you run a 3D printing facility that has more than one D4k Pro 3D printer, we have a new feature that makes it easier than ever to ensure each print job is sent to the correct printer. Printer Serial Number Validation was developed to help our clients print models faster than ever by streamlining the production process and removing room for error.

Each buildstyle in Envision One RP is now automatically linked to the specific printer used, so production facilities no longer need to worry about using the wrong buildstyle for their printers.

What is Printer Serial Number Validation?

Printer serial number validation links each specific 3D printer to the Envision One RP software via the buidstyle. After the validation is in place, if the printer operator creates a build job using the buildstyle for Printer 1 and attempts to load that build job on Printer 2, they will see an error message.

Are any steps required to set up this feature?

The Printer Serial Number Validation feature was enabled in the recent D4K Pro 2.0 control software update.

The validation must be finalized by an EnvisionTEC technician or an authorized distributor. You can open a technical support case at for assistance. 

Ok got it! But… what is a buildstyle?

A buildstyle is a set of parameters that communicates to the printer how to process the material it is printing. 

Each material sold by EnvisionTEC comes with different buildstyles that accommodate different layer thicknesses and printers. Each buildstyle contains more than two dozen settings that control how the printer processes the material. Projector exposure time and exact projector size are just a few of the critical buildstyle parameters. 

Interested? Read more about Installing a Buildstyle!

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