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How to clean a printed model using PWA 2000:

The PWA 2000 Parts Washing Apparatus is the recommended washing unit for the D4K Pro. To get the information on how to clean a printed model with PWA 2000, check the Using PWA 2000 page.

How to clean a printed model without the PWA 2000:

The first container the models will be placed in is referred to as the “dirty bath” because this solution will become muddy fairly quickly.

The second bath is the “clean bath.” Each bath needs to be filled with enough 99% IPA to fully submerge the models. 

To clean the models without the PWA 2000:

1. Fill both containers with 99% IPA.

2. Submerge the models in the first bath of 99% IPA for no longer than 60 seconds.

3. Use a brush while the model is submerged to help clean out smaller features of uncured material. Models may also be swished or gently stirred.

4. Remove the models and spray with compressed air until completely dry.

5. Examine each model for variations in the surface quality. Glossy sections will need to be focused on during the second rinse cycle.

6. Place models into the second, or clean, bath of 99% IPA.

7. Repeat the process by submerging models for 60 seconds, then blowing each model dry.

8. Repeat this step as needed until each model has a uniform matte finish.

9.  Dry models quickly with compressed air as extended time exposed to IPA can cause micro-cracks.

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