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How to load a Job to D4K Pro from Envision One RP:

1. Open the Envision One RP.

Requirements: At least one open and selected 3D model.

2. Click the Print button in the Print Menu.
→ The following window appears:

3. Click the Printer field.
→ The following window appears:

4. Select a printer to send your job to.
5. Click Send Job to Printer.

→ The job is sent to the selected printer.

The printers in the network can have the following statuses: Ready for Print, Printing, Offline.
You cannot send a job file to a printer with the Offline status.

How to load a Job to D4K Pro from the network folder:

To load a job to the D4K Pro:

1. Enter Run into the Windows search field or use <Windows> + <R> hotkey on your computer keyboard.
→ The Run window opens.

2. Enter the IP address of the printer, e. g.: \\
→ The Windows file explorer opens, showing the folders on the printer.

3. Open the Job folder.

4. Put the job files to the folder.

→ All the files from the Job folder are now shown in the Job List tab on the D4K Pro touch screen.

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