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Why is this important?

Checking the printer before sending a job for a print is really important as it helps to get the highest quality of printed models as well as minimize the risk of errors or printer malfunctioning.

How to check the D4K Pro is ready to print:

Before beginning a print, always check these things:

1. The printer door is closed.

2. The flat surface of the build platform is clean and free of all cured material, and the build platform clamp is secured in position.

3. The material tray is secured in position and the material tray clamping handles are tight.

4. The material tray is filled to the fill line, and all material handling instructions are followed for the specific material used (mixing, temperature, etc.)

5. The material tag is in the material tag reader, and the tag matches the material in the tray and in the buildstyle.

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