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How to create a workspace for the printer:

Distance the printer from climate control systems. Direct airflow onto or within the printer’s footprint is not allowed. This includes air conditioning (window, wall, or otherwise), fans (ceiling, tabletop, or similar), heaters (space heaters, or otherwise).

Do not expose the printer to any direct sunlight or UV radiation

Keep the printer away from water sources such as sinks, tubs, wash stations, etc.

Do not place the printer near polishing stations. Protect the printer’s internal components from dust.

Ensure that the room temperature remains within the following range: 

  • Minimum temperature of 73°F ( 23°C )
  • Maximum temperature of 85°F ( 28°C )

Follow the temperature instructions for each material that is being used. These instructions can be found:

  • On the label of the material bottle
  • Extended instructions are located in the material handling guide on the provided USB-drive in the Starter Kit of the printer

Air Quality Considerations

Use the D4K Pro in a calm atmosphere. High levels of impurities in the air may find their way into printed models. Maintain a space with little or limited:

  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Steam

Humidity: Must be below 60%

The ideal working temperature is 73° F or 23° C.

The relative humidity should be below 60%.

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