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How to Store Boxes:

To store the  printer’s boxes:

1. Reinsert the padding from the interior box and include the padding from accompanying boxes. 

2. Break down any additional boxes, fold them, and insert them into the interior box. Place the interior box’s lid on top. 

3. Place the exterior box back over the interior box and place the lid on top. 

4. Place it in storage with a Please do not discard, this crate accompanies 3D printer sign attached to the sides.

If the  D4K Pro printer was ordered with any accessories, such as the PCA 2000 curing apparatus or PWA 2000 parts washer, these items will be sent separately.

To store the accessories boxes:

1. Remove the padding and place it into the crate alongside the printer padding. 

2. Cut the tape, flatten the cardboard, and set near the crate for safekeeping.

Keep the curing apparatus box and the parts washer box.

Depending on the curing unit purchased, this box may fit inside the crate.

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