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How to Unbox the D4K Pro:

Follow these steps to break-down the shipment so you can access the printer safely. 

1. Carefully cut the plastic wrap and straps. 

2. If accessories were ordered for the D4K, remove the accessories boxes from the pallet and place them on a sturdy work surface. For more information, see the PCA 2000 curing apparatus / PWA 2000 parts washer pages.

3. The printer is inside two boxes – an exterior box and an interior box. Remove the lid from the exterior box and then remove the lid from the interior box.

4. The External Components box is inside the interior box, on top of the foam padding. Place the External Components box on a sturdy work surface.

5.  Remove the sides of the exterior box, followed by the sides of the interior box. Remove the foam padding from the top and sides of the D4K.

6. Carefully cut away the plastic wrap from the printer, taking care not to damage the printer’s casing.

7. Remove the printer from the interior box with a helper and place the printer on a stable desktop.

External Components Box

The External Components box contains the build platform, an ethernet cable, the Starter Kit, and a black plastic container to hold the material tray when not in use. Inside the black plastic container is the extra material tray.

A USB drive containing important information regarding printer operation is included in the Starter Kit.

Accessories Box

If the D4K Pro printer was ordered with any accessories, such as the PCA 2000 curing apparatus or PWA 2000 parts washer, these items will be sent separately.

Keep the curing apparatus box and the parts washer box.

To post-process the printed models quicker, consider using PCA 4000 curing apparatus that is two times more powerful than PCA 2000. For curing jewelry and dental models, the Otoflash accessory would be particularly useful.

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