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A log file is a file that records all events that occur on the printer. It is essential for understanding the activity of the system and for diagnosing potential issues.

The Download Log Report tab allows downloading the log report with all the printer information to the USB drive.


  • The USB drive has been connected to the printer.

1. Tap Settings | Printer Settings | Download Log Report to open the tab.

→ The following screen appears.

2. Tap [Latest Data] to download the latest information of the printer; or [All Data] to download the report containing all information received during printer operation.

→ The following message appears.

3. Make sure the USB drive is connected to the printer and tap [Ok].

→ The report has been downloaded successfully to the USB drive.

To send the log report to Service and Support, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the USB drive folder.
  2. Find the file with a similar name:
  3. Send it to your personal Service and Support manager.

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