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Time needed: Approximately two minutes

Maintenance frequency: Print-by-Print

The build platform should remain as clean as possible between print jobs in order to keep your printer in optimal printing condition. The build platform should be cleaned when:

  • The build platform becomes sticky
  • There is cured material on the printing surface of the build platform or around the build platform connection cavity
  • When changing the material type

How to Clean the Build Platform:

1. Clean the connection cavity at the top of the build platform using a Q-tip with 99% IPA.

2. If too much material has cured in the connection cavity, replace the build platform.

3. Clean the surface of the build platform using a clean paper towel.

4. Check every surface for material, buildup, or stickiness. 

5. Clean the excessive buildup using a small amount of 99% IPA on a clean paper towel or Q-tip.

6. Hard spots of cured material can be carefully scraped off using the paint scraper from the Starter Kit

Use 99% IPA away from the material tray and thoroughly wipe all IPA completely from the build platform before installing it back onto the printer.

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