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How To Clean Dust:

Time needed: Approximately five minutes

Maintenance frequency: Weekly

Overview: Dust may accumulate on, near, or inside of the Envision One. Dust can build up on fans and vent holes. High levels of dust accumulation can cause the printer to overheat. 

To protect the internal hardware, the printer automatically shuts down if it reaches the maximum internal temperature of 120 F/49 C.


  1. Look around the vent holes on the left and right sides of the printer’s casing for signs of buildup. 
  2. Listen to the fan for inconsistency, stress, or obstructions when the printer is powered on. 
  3. To remove dust, power down the printer, disconnect the power cable and then wipe the vents and fan with a microfiber cloth. 
  4. After the printer has been cleaned, look down through the safety glass under the material tray to make sure that there isn’t any dust or debris on the lens.

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