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The Envision One utilizes a powerful 385 nm projector. It receives build job information from the internal computer, or PC, and then projects a clear image, layer by layer, into the material tray. The 385 nm projector is mounted to a bracket directly in the center of the printer.

The printer may need to have its projector lens cleaned under the following situations:

  • The projector lens has visible dust and / or debris on its surface.
  • Printed parts have vertical holes through them, and this issue was not resolved by the following – cleaning the material tray, replacing the material tray.
  • Printed parts have a textured surface, and this issue was not resolved by the following: verifying the buildstyle, verifying the material is stored and used at the recommended temperatures, cleaning the material tray, adjusting the light intensity, replacing the material tray.
  • The projector cannot reach the required light intensity, and this issue was not resolved by the following: adjusting the projector brightness, updating firmware, updating controller software.

How To Clean the Projector Lens:

1. Power off the printer via the touch screen menu using the following sequence: Home | Settings | Power | Power Off.

2. Remove the power cable gently from the back of the printer after the printer has fully powered off.

3. Drain all power to the printer by holding in the power button for 15 seconds.

Be extremely careful not to disturb any of the internal wire connections to the power button when opening the front casing.

4. Disconnect the front casing using the Phillips screwdriver to remove screws from all four corners. Set all four screws aside in a small bowl or in a safe place.

5. Slowly pull the front casing away from the printer, taking care not to disturb any of the internal wire connections to the power button on the front casing. Without putting stress on the connections, carefully pull the front casing towards you roughly four to five inches.

→ With the front casing disconnected, the projector lens should now be easily accessible.

Always wear nitrile glove when handling the projector lens.
This will help to prevent smudges and fingerprints.

6. Reach into the printer casing and use a clean microfiber cloth to gently wipe the top surface of the projector lens to remove any dust, smudges, or debris.

Once material is spilled on the projector lens it cannot be removed by cleaning.

Any projector lens that comes in contact with material must be replaced.
Contact EnvisonTEC technical support or an authorized distributor to obtain the Projector Lens Replacement Guide.

7. Once the projector lens is clean, carefully close the front casing and use the Phillips screwdriver to insert the screws in all four corners.

8. Reconnect the power cable at the back of the printer.

9. Power on the printer via the power button on the front of the printer, to the left of the touch screen.

10. Print a job to verify the projector lens is now clean.

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