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Manual Debris Removal is a software feature that helps protect the surface of the material tray by exposing a thin layer of material. When the exposed layer is peeled away, a clean material tray surface is left! This feature only removes debris stuck to the surface of the material tray – for debris floating in the material, the material will need to be filtered.

How to use the Manual Debris Removal feature:

1. On the Home screen of your printer, tap Settings | Manual Debris Removal to open the tab.

2. Set the required exposure time using the + and icons. The time is material-dependent, but 15 seconds works well for most materials.

3. Tap [Expose].
→ The whole material tray area is exposed.

4. Remove debris from the material tray by simply taking off the thin film of exposed material.

5. Proceed following the step-by-step for filtering material described on the Maintaining EnvisionTEC Materials page, if needed.

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