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What is the build platform?

The build platform is an assembly comprised of:

  • A large, flat platform
  • A handle
  • A connection cavity

The flat area of the build platform is where cured material will adhere during the printing process. The build platform is aluminum anodized. It is used for medical and technical applications.

How to install the Envision One build platform:

1. Open the printer’s hood.

2. Loosen the build platform torque knob on the top of the printer by a couple of turns.

3. Slide the build platform into the build platform housing at the top of the Z-axis tower.

4. Tighten the build platform torque knob to secure the build platform in place. Listen for the click.

Make sure the build platform torque knob is secured before printing.
Failure to do so will cause the build platform to be uneven and can cause build failures.

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