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What is the domeless material tray?

The domeless material tray is an assembly with a closed circuit of oxygen airflow which minimizes separation forces while printing.

The domeless material tray consists of two metal frames with a piece of glass and a special film between these frames.

Between the glass and the film, there is a space that is designated for oxygen delivery. It ensures the continuous printing mode and prevents the excessive sticking of parts to the film.

Use a different material tray for each type of material to avoid contamination. If not possible, clean the material tray carefully and thoroughly.

How to install the domeless material tray:

To install the material tray:

1. Unlock the two clamping handles on the right and left of the build area.

Support Center - Unlck the two clamping handles-grey-500x500

2. Slide the domeless material tray into the printer, vent holes first, until it is fully seated. Listen for the click.

Support Center - Slide the domeless material tray - grey-500x500

3. Lock the two clamping handles down.

Support Center - Lock the two clamping handles down - grey-500x500

Locking the clamping handles down is very important. If they are not locked properly, the material will splash inside the printer! 

Double-check if the clamping handles are locked securely before starting a build process!

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