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What is the domeless material tray?

The domeless material tray is an assembly with a closed circuit of oxygen airflow which minimizes separation forces while printing.

The disposable domeless material tray consists of two plastic frames with a piece of glass and a special film between these frames.

Between the glass and the film, there is a space that is designated for oxygen delivery. This enables a continuous printing mode and prevents excessive sticking of parts to the film.

Use a different domeless material tray for each type of material to avoid contamination. If not possible, clean the material tray thoroughly with a dry paper towel.

How to install the domeless material tray:

To install the material tray:

1. Unscrew the two Torque Knobs on the right and left of the build area.

Support Center - E1 - Unlock the two torque knobsx500

2. Slide the domeless material tray into the printer, vent holes first, until it is fully seated. Listen for the click.

Slide the material tray onto the printer- torque knobsx500

3. Tighten the two Torque Knobs by turning them to the right until they are snug, and the material tray is secure. Listen for the click.

Lock the two torque knobsx500 (1)

Tightening the two Torque Knobs until they are snug is very important. If they are not secured properly, the material will splash inside the printer! 

Double-check if the Torque Knobs are tightened securely before starting a build process!

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