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How to Save a Job to USB-drive:

1. Connect the USB-drive to the PC with the installed Envision One RP.

2. Open the Envision One RP.

3. Create the job you want to save.

4. Select the job you want to save.

5. Click Print.

→ The following window appears:

6. Click Save job.

→ The folder selection dialog box appears.

7. Open the USB-drive folder you want to save a job to and click Select Folder.

→ The job folder with all the required data is saved to the selected USB-drive.

→ The following window appears.

8. Click either:

  • Continue to exit the Save job dialog box; or
  • Open Folder to open the Job folder.

How to Load a Job from USB-drive to the Printer:

To load a job directly from the USB-drive:

1. Upload the required job to the USB-drive as described above.

2. Insert the USB-drive with the uploaded job into the corresponding plug of the printer.
The job is automatically added to the Job List of Envision One.

The icon indicates that the USB-drive is connected to the printer.

The icon in the Job list indicates that the job was added via USB-drive.

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