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What Are the Electrical Requirements?

We strongly recommend you use an uninterrupted power supply to protect your printer. All electrical requirements must be met to ensure the most stable setup:

1. Ensure there is a sufficient clean electrical socket that fluctuates no more than +/-3% (EU: +/-5%) from its baseline.

2. Do not plug any additional equipment into the power circuit.

3. The Envision One requires 110 volts with no less than 5 amps.

4. The oxygen concentrator requires 120 volts with no less than 3 amps

5. Oxygen Concentrator: Power supply: 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz/110V ± 15V, 60Hz ± 1Hz Operation voltage (V/Hz): AC220/50 AC110/60

6. Plug the printer and oxygen concentrator into separate surge protectors or separate battery backups. 

7. The Envision One does not require a dedicated server. It can be connected wirelessly, hard-wired into the network, or directly connected to a computer.

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