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The Envision One needs to be installed on a sturdy surface that can comfortably hold over 75 pounds (34 kg). The printer requires a minimum amount of space for operation, maintenance, and heat dissipation.

  • A minimum of 18 inches behind the printer
  • A minimum of 24 inches on the left and right side of the printer
  • A minimum of 48 inches above the table-top

The printer requires an oxygen concentrator in order to print. The concentrator weighs 11.9 lb (5.4 kg) and is made to sit on the floor near the printer. The concentrator connects to the printer via a 6-foot long tube and as such, the concentrator must be within 5 feet (152.4 cm) of the printer to allow room for slack. 

Situate the oxygen concentrator so that there is at least 12″ (30 cm) of space between the concentrator and any walls, curtains, or other obstructions.

Leave space for the oxygen concentrator!
The concentrator dimensions are: 12.2″ (31 cm) x 6.5″ (16.5 cm) x 12.2″ ( 31 cm)

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