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External Hardware

Oxygen Concentrator

The oxygen concentrator creates a flow of oxygen into the printer via an internal series of tubes to the domeless material tray. It is delivered preset to the correct pressure. For more information, check the Connecting the Oxygen Concentrator and Setting Up the Oxygen Concentrator pages.


Material Tray

The material tray has been designed to work with the upward movement of the build platform. The material tray contains the material and should be treated with care. Clean your material tray with IPA and a paper towel. For more information, check the Installing Envision One Material Tray and Maintenance of Envision One Material Tray pages.

Build Platform

The build platform is aluminum anodized. It is used for medical and technical applications. For more information, check the Installing Envision One Build Platform and Cleaning Envision One Build Platform pages.

Starter Kit


The main use for the metal scraper is to remove the built parts from the build platform. Apart from this, the scraper can also be used to remove material residues from the build platform. For more information, check the Detaching Models from the Build Platform page.

X-Acto Knife with Blade

Use it to cut the supports off your models as precisely as possible.

Material Mixing Cards

The supplied set of cards is ideal to clean the material tray from big cured material residues after the building process without scratching the surface. It is highly recommended that the material should be filtered after each finished job or at least every time that there is a presence of residues in the material inside the material tray.


PCA 2000 Curing Apparatus

The Parts Curing Apparatus is used for post-curing the printed models. It utilizes a unique system of UV LED light sources that use both 385nm to deep cure and 405nm for the perfect surface cure of each part.

PCA 4000 Curing Apparatus

This Parts Curing Apparatus is used for post-processing the printed models. At 300 watts of LED power, the PCA 4000 has twice the power of the PCA 2000.

PWA 2000 Parts Washing Apparatus

The Parts Washing Apparatus is a convenient tool to assist in cleaning any uncured resin from 3D printed models.  The convenient removable basket allows for ease of use when dipping or extracting objects from the tank.


The Otoflash is a light polymerization chamber for the curing of light-curing materials for jewelry, dental and otoplastic applications. Two photoflash lamps at the bottom of the curing chamber produce very intensive light radiation in a spectrum from 300 to 700 nm. As a result, a better hardening of the materials is possible.

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