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What is the oxygen concentrator?

The oxygen concentrator supplies the printer with the oxygen needed for the printing process. It creates a flow of oxygen into the printer via an internal series of tubes to the domeless material tray. It is delivered preset to the correct pressure.

Twelve spare filters are shipped with the concentrator. Store these in a safe place.

Before setting up and using the oxygen concentrator, detach the strap from the latches.

Place the oxygen concentrator on the floor, near the printer. Situate the concentrator so that there are at least 12 inches (30 cm) of space between the concentrator and any walls, curtains, or other obstructions.

You can find more information on the oxygen concentrator in the appropriate User manual.

How to set up the oxygen concentrator?

1. Plug the power cable into the concentrator, then plug the power cable into a separate surge protector or separate battery backup.

Support center - Plug the power cable into the oxygen concentrator - grey-500x500

2. Flip on the switch shown on the left from the power cable on the diagram above.

3. Power on the concentrator via the power button. Leave the concentrator powered on for 30 minutes to prime.

Support center - Power on the concentrator - grey - 500x500

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