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How to Unbox the Envision One?


Follow these steps to break-down the shipment so you can access the printer safely. 

1. Carefully cut the plastic wrap. 

The plastic wrap does not need to be saved and can be thrown away.

2. Remove the two boxes from the pallet. 

3. Place the External Components box on a sturdy work surface, and place the Oxygen Concentrator box on the floor nearby.

4. Remove the clips from the crate using a systematic approach. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the metal crate fasteners from the corners.

5. To remove the L brackets from the crate, slide the screwdriver under the end of the bracket with a break in the metal. Leverage the bracket up, one side at a time until the bracket comes free from the crate. Take the stack of brackets and set them off to the side. They will be used again to store the crate.

6. Disassemble the last removable side of the crate, remove the padding from the top and sides. Remove the printer from the crate with a helper and place the printer on a stable desktop.

Oxygen Concentrator Box

The oxygen concentrator for the Envision One is shipped in a separate box.

Simply remove it from the box and set it on the floor near the printer.

Support Center - Concentrator - grey - 500x500

Keep the concentrator box. You may need it later. 

External Hardware Box

The domeless material tray and the build platform are both shipped in a separate box, along with the Starter Kit. A USB-drive containing important information regarding printer operation is included in the Starter Kit.

Accessories Box

If the Envision One printer was ordered with any accessories, such as the PCA 2000 curing apparatus, Parts Washing Apparatus (PWA 2000), material, or extra material trays, these items will be sent separately.

Keep the curing apparatus box, the parts washer box, and the spare material tray box.

PCA 2000-500

Store any spare material trays, if applicable, in their shipping box to ensure they are kept in a clean, dark, and dust-free environment.

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