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What are the benefits of using the Disposable Material Tray?

The Disposable Material Tray works the same way the aluminum tray does, however, there are several benefits since it is more cost-effective, includes a fill line, and can also hold more material.

New Hardware:

Torque Knob (2 required) SAP # MIC-90-2526

Disposable Material Tray SAP # MIC-90-2080


The printer must be done printing before changing the Disposable Material Tray.

Disposable material tray upgrade:

1. Loosen the two material tray clamps.

2. Using a flat head screwdriver, loosen the screw in the right and left material tray clamps.

3. Remove the clamps along with the screws and washers. Be sure to leave the rails intact and connected to the printer with the chamfer facing inwards.

4. Place the new Torque Knobs where the clamps were. Tighten the Torque Knobs manually a few turns.

5. Slide the new disposable material tray along the rails into position on the printer. Tighten the Torque Knobs manually until you hear a click.

6. Add the new disposable material tray in Envision One CS so the printer recognizes the new tray. The instructions to add a new material tray are at the bottom of the Manual Home Position Calibration page.

7. Perform the home position and parallelism calibration to complete the upgrade. Follow the steps for the Manual Home Position Calibration.

Recalibrate the Home position of the build platform for each new material tray.

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