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Time needed: Approximately five minutes

Maintenance frequency: Weekly

Overview: The material tray is a consumable with an approximate lifespan of 300 prints. Order a new material tray before the current tray expires or becomes damaged. 

When you take the material tray out of the printer, set it on a clean paper towel to protect the film.

How to clean the material tray:

1. Check the film at the bottom of the material tray whenever the material is removed. 

2. Look for pinholes, punctures, ripples, and other signs of stress. A slightly cloudy film is normal and will not affect the print quality. 

3. Use Manual Debris Removal to remove cured material from the surface of the film assembly at the end of a print, or access it using the following sequence – Home > Settings > Manual Debris Removal. Once the exposure time is set on the Manual Debris Removal page, tap Expose – the projector will expose the full printing area to light for the set exposure duration. Use the rubber spatula from the Starter Kit to gently remove the cured material from the surface of the film assembly.

4. Using a 3mm Allen key, loosen the screws in all four corners of the material tray. Carefully remove the screws and set them aside.

5. Lift the upper material tray assembly up and out of the printer.

6. Pour material through the filter and funnel into the material bottle. Use a mixing card to gently guide material into the bottle.

7. Wipe the material tray clean with a dry paper towel, taking care not to damage the coating. 

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