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How to maintain P4K Advantage material:

Time needed: Approximately five minutes to mix material, depending on the material + 15 minutes to empty and clean the material tray.

Maintenance frequency: Print-by-Print


1. Protect material in the material tray from ambient light by keeping the printer hood closed

2. Mix the material in the material tray before each print using the rubber spatula. To do this:

  • Lightly skim the spatula back and forth across the surface of the film in the material tray, taking care not to damage the film.
  • Mix the material until it’s a completely uniform color.

3. Check the material for solids or debris. If found, filter the material. To do this:

  • Using a 3mm Allen key, loosen the screws in all four corners of the material tray. Carefully remove the screws and set them aside.
  • Lift the upper material tray assembly up and out of the printer.
  • Pour material through the filter and funnel into the material bottle. Use a mixing card to gently guide material into the bottle.
  • When finished, dispose of the filter and clean the funnel with a dry paper towel.

4. Line the black plastic material tray box with dry paper towels.

5. Place the material tray upside down inside the box, on top of the paper towels, and seal the box.

6. After an hour, remove the material tray, wipe it down a final time, and store it out of light, or return the material tray back to the printer.

For more specific information on handling a material, see the corresponding Safety Data Sheet.

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