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How to update P4K Advantage:

To update the P4K Advantage with a new version of the software, you need to check the Software Update tab on the touch screen which provides information about the current versions of software and the new versions of software if they are available.

Tap Settings | Printer Settings | Software Update to open the tab.

If the latest versions of software are installed on the printer, the [ChangeLog] button is available. It allows to check the detailed information about the current versions of software.

If there are any software updates, the [Update] button is available.

Do not turn the printer off during update!

1. Tap [Update].

The following screen appears. It shows information about the changes in the new software versions.

2. Tap [Start].

→ The Experience Improvement message appears.

3. Tap [OK] to allow data collection or [Skip] to skip this step.

→ The process of printer update starts.

→ After a successful printer update, the screen with a [Reboot] button appears.

4. To apply changes, reboot the printer. It will reboot automatically in 30 seconds. To reboot the printer manually, tap [Reboot].

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