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What is the material?

Each type of material EnvisionTEC offers has specific instructions for use.

Be sure to properly prepare your specific material before each use.  Always observe the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets supplied with the material bottle.

Do not use other materials than the ones delivered by EnvisionTEC®.

Use the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Make sure that the extraction is sufficient. EnvisionTEC® recommends an air change of 25 m³/h per m² effective surface of the laboratory as described in EN 13779.

Adding the material to the material tray:

1. Open the printer′s hood.

2. A material tag is attached to the material bottle. Remove the material tag and place the material tag on the material tag reader.

3. Follow mixing instructions specified in the Material Best Practices for specific material.

4. Open the material bottle and pour the material slowly into the material tray to the material fill line.

5. Mix the material thoroughly with the supplied spatula. Close the hood to protect the material from ambient light.

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