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How to Unbox the P4K Advantage:


Follow these steps to break down the shipment so you can access the printer safely. 

1. Carefully cut the plastic wrap and zip ties.

The plastic wrap does not need to be saved and can be thrown away.

2. Three people required: With one helper, lift the box up from the base. There may be some resistance from the foam padding inside the box. As the printer is revealed, a third person should move in to stabilize the printer on the pallet base. Set the box aside.

3. Three people required: Two lift the printer from the base, one moves pallet aside. Set the printer down carefully.

4. Remove External Hardware Box and the Suction Cup from the pallet and set them aside.

5. Unlock the printer’s wheels and gently push the printer to its final location.

External Hardware Box

A spare Upper Material Tray, calibration plate, and focus film are shipped in a separate box, along with the Starter Kit. A thumb drive containing important information regarding printer operation is included in the Starter Kit.  A suction cup lifter is shipped in a separate box next to the External Hardware box.

Accessories Box

If the P4K Advantage printer was ordered with any accessories, such as a curing unit, the Parts Washing Apparatus (PWA 2000), material, or additional Upper Material Trays, these items will be sent separately.

Keep the curing unit box, the parts washer box, and the spare material tray box.

PCA 2000-500

Store any spare material trays, if applicable, in their shipping box to ensure they are kept in a clean, dark, and dust-free environment.

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