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Do you like to get caught up in the details? EnvisionTEC's new feature is for you!

Scan, survey, and scrutinize – your printer’s data is now more accessible than ever!
With the Printing Statistics feature, you can easily check printer usage data for the last 7 days, last 30 days, or all the time your printer has operated.

What information is shown in Printing Statistics?

You’ll be able to check the following:

  • Job evaluation data: this parameter shows the quality of finished jobs (successful, partially successful, and failed)
  • Materials usage: this parameter shows the names and volume of the used materials
  • Job quantity: this parameter shows the quantity of completed, aborted, and failed jobs
  • Average print duration: this parameter shows the average duration of the job in hours
  • Damaged material trays: this parameter shows the number of material trays marked as damaged

How to find the Printing Statistics menu?

It’s easy as one-two-three:

On the Home screen of your printer, tap Settings | Printer Settings | Printing Statistics to open the tab.

If you want to always be aware of everything that is happening with your EnvisionTEC printer, this feature will certainly help you!

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