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Are you interested in mastering 3D printed dentures?

While EnvisionTEC makes the production process for dentures easy, denture applications require a lot of preparation before the printing process begins. 

Patients must be scanned, fit and bite registration checked, denture try-ins 3D printed… All this to create the perfect .stl file that will lead to the perfect fitting 3D printed digital denture.

How to Scan for Dentures

With the wide varieties of denture applications and scanning software available, there’s no one right answer. But EnvisionTEC has compiled a collection of instructional videos from our software partners to help you master the art of scanning for dentures.

Trios Edentulous Patient Scanning

Edentulous Scanning of Denture:

Basic Scan Strategy:

Edentulous patient scanning-Intraoral:

Edentulous patient scanning-Impression:

iTero Edentulous Patient Scanning

Although labs have been working on beta testing removable workflows for over a year, Align released recommendations in January 2021. Educational videos can be found on your iTero scanner under the education cap.

Denture Digital Workflow:

CEREC Primescan Edentulous Patient Scanning

Scanning a Denture with CEREC PrimeScan:

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