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To get started with your printer, it is necessary to install the Envision One RP software.

The following printers are compatible with Envision One RP:

  • Envision One cDLM
  • D4K Pro
  • Vida cDLM
  • P4K
  • P4K Advantage
  • Perfactory P3/P4
  • Xtreme 8K DLP

The Envision One RP software is essential for printing. It takes print files and translates them to the printer. Everything that is printed using the compatible 3D printer must pass through this software successfully.

PC Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 or higher
Working Memory >= 8GB RAM
Hard Drive 400 MB Free space
CPU Multi Core Processor e.g. Core i5, >= 3GHz, >= 6MB Cache
Graphics Dedicated 3D graphics card with >= 1 GB memory and OpenGL 4.3 and higher.
It is recommended to use the Nvidia graphics card.

For working with the Xtreme 8K DLP printer, you will need at least 64GB of RAM on your computer and a multi-core processor Core i9. Additionally, an external Nvidia graphics card with at least 8 GB of GPU memory is required.

Installation Procedure

  1. Download Envision One RP® Software.
  2. Open Downloads folder on your computer.
  3. Find a file named EnvisionOneRP.exe and double-click it to start the installation. → A setup window opens.
  4. Follow instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Now you can import your model into Envision One RP to start printing with your 3D-printer.

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