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For a quick and easy access to all your printers, there are 3 tabs available in Envision One RP.

  • My Printers tab is intended for creating your selected printers list and allows you to easily find a necessary printer. Both online and offline printers are visible in this tab.
  • Virtual Printers tab contains virtual printers.
  • In the Network tab you can find all the online printers in the network. You can also add an online printer to the printers list via IP address.

How to add a printer to My Printers:

To add a printer to My Printers list:

1. Open the Network Printers tab.

2. Select the printer from the list you would like to add to My Printers.

3. Click the selected printer.

→ The printer is added to My Printers tab.

What is a virtual printer?

To be able to generate a job file, it is necessary to select a printer. In some cases, it might be impossible to select a remote printer. In this case, you can select a virtual printer. Virtual printer allows you to generate a job file and save it locally.

  • You cannot send your job file to a virtual printer.
  • You cannot add a virtual printer to My Printers
  • You cannot rename or delete a virtual printer.

To manage your printers in My Printers tab, hover the cursor over the printer:

  • To change the printer’s name, click the pen icon.
  • To delete a printer from My Printers tab, click the bin icon.

You should select the virtual printer that corresponds to the model of your printer. Otherwise, the generated job file might be incompatible with your printer.

How to add a printer via IP-address:

1. Open the Network Printers tab.

2. Click Add Printer via IP Address.

3. Enter the printer’s IP address.

4. Click Add Printer.

The printer added via IP address is automatically added to My Printers tab.

Offline printer cannot be discovered via IP address.

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