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Models out of build platform

If models are outside the platform, rearrange these models manually:

If not all the models fit on the platform, reduce the number of models by deleting them.

Models are not at 0 level

When the models are not leveled and moved up or down on the Z-axis, printing is not possible as this cause the following problems:

  • the models would float (Z> 0)
  • models would be cut off (Z <0).

Click the Fix button to fix this issue automatically.

Model without supports

If models have the overhanging part and do not have supports, printing is not possible.

Click the Fix button to fix this issue automatically.

Models Overlap

If models intersect each other, they are highlighted in red.

To fix the issue:

  • move the overlapping models manually away from each other, or
  • use the Auto-Placement feature.

The model disappeared from the build envelope

Some printability issues cannot be fixed. In this case, the following error message appears during the model loading:

After an attempt to fix such printability issues, the models disappear from the stage.

To avoid the model destroying, do not fix the detected errors by clicking Fix or Fix All Issues.

However, be aware that the printing of models containing errors is not recommended.

Loading sliced files failed

The layer thickness of one or more sliced files differs from the one in the buildstyle file. The following message appears:

To open the sliced file, select a buildstyle file with the same layer thickness as in the sliced file.

If this does not help, contact Service & Support.

Importing sliced files failed when other models are on the platform

This error message appears when trying to open models of different file types on the same platform.

To fix this, create or open a new project, and upload sliced files there.

No model file is linked to the support element

This warning message appears when loading support files without the corresponding sliced file.

For correct printing, load a sliced model file simultaneously with the support element file.

Unsupported model size

This issue appears when the model is smaller than 0.01 mm (10 microns) at least on one axis.

In this case:
1. Use CAD software for adjusting your 3D model and changing its size parameters if possible.
2. Re-upload the file into Envision One RP.

Incorrect serial number (S/N) of the printer

If the printer’s serial number (Printer S/N) is not entered correctly, the following error appears:

Check, if the printer’s serial number on the label affixed to the back of the printer matches the one in Printer S/N field, or contact Service & Support.

Software activation error

If trying to update RP version with Limited license, the following message appears:

  1. Click OK.
  2. The License dialog box appears.

To activate or request any type of license, refer to the License section or contact Service & Support.

Not enough space to save the project

This error message appears when trying to save a project to the folder with less space than required.

To fix it, make sure you save the project to the folder with enough space available.

Job generation failed

This error message appears when trying to upload jobs via FTP to the offline printer.

To fix it, make sure that the printer is online (check your Internet connection, etc.)

Job is not generated when the system is low on memory

This error message appears when trying to generate a job and the available system memory is low.

To fix it, close some applications or upgrade your hardware and try again.

Job is not saved to the restricted directory

This error message appears when trying to save a job but there are no permission rights to write to the chosen directory.

When such an error occurs, select another directory for saving a job.

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