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Orientation impacts the stability and printability of your model, this is why it is essential to properly orient your model. Envision One RP allows you to orient your model both manually and automatically. You can also select another base for your model thus changing its orientation.

How to Manually Orient a Model:

To be able to fulfil the operation, open and select at least one 3D-model!

  1. Click the icon.
  2. Choose the axis to align the model in the X, Y or Z.
  3. Use the + and buttons to set the required value of a rotation angle. The value of one step is 1°.

How to Automatically Orient a Model:

  1. Click the icon.
  2. Select a part for changing orientation.

If no part is selected, the automatic orientation is applied to all the parts.

  1. Select the automatic orientation mode based on your requirements:
    • Place on the largest flat surface: this mode allows to generate the model without supports or to minimize the supports number.
    • Tilt model: this mode allows to generate supports on the safe zone which prevents the model from clinging to the platform.
    • Minimize print time: this feature is currently unavailable. Will be added in future updates.
  1. Click Apply for All or Apply for Selected correspondingly depending on your actions in step 2.

How to Select a Base:

To be able to fulfil the operation, open and select at least one 3D-model!

There are two ways to select a base for your model. Below you can find how each of the ways works.

Variant 1:

  1. Click the icon.
  2. Click Select Base.

→ A new base selection marker appears.

  1. Select a new base by clicking the surface that you want to orient toward the build platform.
    → The model orientation is changed.
  1. Click Done.

Variant 2:

  1. Click the icon and hold the mouse button pressed.
  2. Drag the icon to the location you want to select as a new base.
  3. Once a new base is selected, release the mouse button.
    → The model base has been changed.

After a new base has been selected, you will need to regenerate the supports for the model.

Read more about Supports Generation.

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