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Labeling is a feature that allows you to engrave a label on the surface of your model. It is possible to place several labels on one model.

If your model has supports, they will be deleted during the labeling process. You will have to generate the supports anew after the label has been placed.

How to Create a Label?

To be able to fulfil the operation, open and select at least one 3D model!

  1. Select a model on the platform.

You can only select one model at a time. If you have several models on the platform, you will need to create the label for each of them one by one.

  1. Click the icon. The dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the label text and click Place. → The label is placed onto the model:

After you have placed the label on your selected model, the unselected models on the platform are hidden and will remain hidden until the labeling is completed.

  1. Configure your label: set the desired font size and engraving depth.
  2. Click Apply.

If the label does not properly fit on the surface of the model, you will receive an error message. In this case try the following solutions:

  • Reduce the label font size.
  • Move the platform to change the label location. To do so, press and hold the scroll-wheel on your mouse to move the platform in the desired direction. Moving the platform allows you to choose the right location for your label.
How to Delete a Label?

To delete a label, use the Undo function:

  • press <Ctrl>+<Z>, or
  • click icon on the Actions Bar.

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