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How to Set Up a New Project:

To start printing, you should, first of all, create and configure your new project:

1. Start Envision One RP.
2. Click Menu | New.
→ The following window opens.

3. Select a printer you are going to print with.
4. Select the required material and set the layer thickness.

The buildstyles are filtered according to the selected printer, material, and layer thickness.
See the Installing a Buildstyle page for more details.

5. Click Create.
→ A new project has been created.

The platform is actually the printable space. It is represented by the white grid on the screen. This space is measured by it’s X, Y, and Z range.

By default Envision One RP shows the platform from the Top view when it opens. The lower left corner of the screen will display the word Top if you are in Top view.

Now you can add your models to the platform.

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