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How to Check a Job File Printability:

The system automatically checks your models and detects all the problems that might influence printing. The detected printability issues are shown in the Printability issues section when you click Print to send the job to the printer. When printability issues are detected, the Send Job to Printer button is deactivated and the job cannot be sent to the printer.

The detected issues are marked either with yellow or red:

  • yellow indicates non-critical errors. In this case, printing is possible however not recommended.
  • red indicates critical errors.

Most common printability issues:

Issue Color Description
Model is set beyond the platform boundaries red Some of the models are located beyond the platform boundaries. Printing is not possible.
The model has no supports yellow Some of the models have no supports. Be aware that this may cause problems during printing.
Intersection yellow Some of the models intersect with each other. Use automatic placement to set the models on the platform correctly.
Supports need to be updated yellow Supports need to be regenerated if the Material section in the Print Setup menu was changed.

To fix the detected issues, click Fix or Fix All Issues.

→ The issues are fixed automatically.

→ The Send Job to Printer button is activated.

In some cases the printability issues cannot be fixed automatically, thus printing will remain blocked. In this case please refer to Troubleshooting.

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