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Hyper Print

Hyper Print is the quickest and easiest way to prepare your models for printing. In just a couple of clicks, the system automatically prepares your model(s) for printing, places them on the platform, and generates the supports if needed.

Hyper Print automatically applies to all the models on the platform. If you have several models that need to be prepared for print individually, prepare you print step by step using the tools described in Using Envision One RP.

  1. Open your 3D-model(s).
  2. Click the icon. The dialog-box opens.
  3. Select a print mode for your model(s) depending on the model geometry:
    • Basic: This is a basic solution applicable for printing the most parts. The system performs an automatic model placing and automatic support building.
    • Dental models: Applicable for dental models that normally need to be printed without supports. The system automatically turns the part’s largest flat surface towards the platform and deletes the support elements if there are any.
    • A-Type jaws: Applicable for printing a large number of dental models at a time. The system places the models vertically and tilts them to avoid the overhanging parts. The support blocks can be easily removed from the platform after printing due to the specially designed grooves.
  1. Click Apply.

→ The parts are automatically placed according to the selected mode algorithms.

→ The supports are either generated or deleted depending on the selected mode.

→ A dialog-box appears.

5. Click Fix next to the warning message in case there are any printability issues.

→ The printability issues will be fixed.

6. Select a printer in the Printer If necessary.

7. Click Send job to printer.

→ The job is sent to the selected printer.

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