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How to Save a Job:

This option allows for saving all the models, support structures, job parameters, and other technical data needed for print. All those details are saved in a single project file with the .rpproj extension. It would be possible to continue working with it anytime later to prepare the job for printing.

1. Click Menu | Save as.

2. Select the desired path and enter the file name.

3. Click Save.

→ The job file is saved.

How to Save a Job via Print menu:

This option allows for saving a job file on the USB drive. Then a job file could be loaded to your printer directly from that USB drive by connecting it to the corresponding plug.

1. Open the Envision One RP.

2. Create the job you want to save.

3. Select the job you want to save.

4. Click Print.

→ The following window appears:

5. Click Save job.

→ The folder selection dialog box appears.

6. Open the folder you want to save a job to and click Select Folder.

→ The job folder with all the required data is saved to the selected folder.

→ The following window appears.

7. Click either:

  • Continue to exit the Save job dialog box; or
  • Open Folder to open the Job folder.

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