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How to Save a Job:

1. Click Menu | Save as.

2. Select the desired path and enter the file name.

3. Click Save.

→ The job file is saved.

The saved file contains:

    • all models placed on the platform;
    • all platforms;
    • buildstyle;
    • support structures;
    • other technical data required.

How to Save a Job via Print menu:

1. Open the Envision One RP.

2. Create the job you want to save.

3. Select the job you want to save.

4. Click Print.

→ The following window appears:

5. Click Save job.

→ The folder selection dialog box appears.

7. Open the folder you want to save a job to and click Select Folder.

→ The job folder with all the required data is saved to the selected folder.

→ The following window appears.

8. Click either:

  • Continue to exit the Save job dialog box; or
  • Open Folder to open the Job folder.

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