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In specific cases the auto-generated support might not be the best option. For such cases Envision One RP allows for manually adding the supports.

To manually add the supports:

1. Select a model.

2. Click the icon.

→ The dialog box opens.

3. Click Edit Supports.

→ The dialog box opens.

4. Click the places on the model where you want to add supports to. The places where the supports will be generated are marked as red spots. To delete a spot, click it again.

5. To edit the tip thickness, place the cursor on the value field and use the and arrow keys respectively. The greater the value, the thicker the supports will be.

6. To change the location of the support point, move the support point using the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key. Once a new spot for the support point is selected, release the mouse.

7. Click Apply.

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